TOP-10 Myths About Male Erection

There are many legends about male power. Consider the most common ones.

1) The larger nose, the larger size of the genitals

The size of the genital organs depends on the sensitivity of the receptors to testosterone. It can be high in a man with small facial features, and with the nose of an ancient Greek – low. What can really indicate a high level of testosterone and the same sensitivity of receptors to it is the low growth of a man and his short fingers: a large amount of testosterone in a boy closes growth zones faster.

2) Fatty food is the enemy of libido and potency

Animal fat is a source of cholesterol and the basis for plaque on the vessels. But it is from cholesterol that the body of a man synthesizes testosterone. In addition, animal fat is part of the protein products that are needed for a high potency of a man: amino acids are a building material for the cells of the genital organs and the same vascular system. It is worthwhile to restrict the use of meat for another reason that is not related to male power, so as not to overload the pancreas.

3) Celery with sour cream – no worse than Viagra

These products do not contain substances that affect the work of the vascular system or hormonal balance. The statement that there is phytotestosterone in celery has also not been proven by anyone.

4) Prostatitis reduces potency

If you believe advertising, prostatitis is not only pain and frequent urination, but also the collapse of male sexuality. In fact, this relationship is a marketing ploy of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate tissue. And the erection mechanism is a rapid and essential blood filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis. That is why, by the way, in 80% of cases of impotence, the reason is vascular pathology in a man.

5) The more often sex, the greater the desire

The frequency of sex is ambiguous. With a rare, of course, the hormonal status of a man is not very high, but with frequent – the attraction and potency may deteriorate due to the banal fatigue. On which the desire and potency uniquely depend on the regularity of sex: in this case, testosterone is approximately at the same level, which keeps the level of both libido and erection.

6) Interrupted intercourse – the road to impotence

In fact, this form of sex is the road to prostatitis, which, as already mentioned, is not associated with erection. The reason: when delaying ejaculation in the vascular network of the prostate occurs stagnation. If sexual intercourse is interrupted a couple of times a month, then most likely there will be no problems, but regular interruption is likely to end with an inflammatory process in prostate tissues due to persistent blood stagnation.

7) Pumpkin seeds – aphrodisiac

Not. With regular use, they improve the quality of sperm cells due to the large amount of zinc, which is important if you want to become a father. But the mineral does not affect sexual desire or sexual capabilities.

8) Beer turns a man into a woman

This statement is true only in part: the phytoestrogens in this drink (their source is hops) can reduce the level of testosterone in the body, if consumed regularly and in exorbitant amounts, that is, a man drinks one liter of beer per day. Chicken meat from the supermarket and milk pose a much greater threat to the hormonal status – they are in the male diet almost daily, while these products are also a source of the female hormone: chickens to grow in donuts and gain weight quickly, stuffed with estrogen, and whole milk of a cow after calving contains an increased amount of this hormone.

9) The number of ejaculations is limited

The idea that the number of ejaculations in a man is limited on the Internet is similar to how a woman has a limited number of ovulations, and is even called an estimated number – 5,400 sexual acts per life. But this statement contradicts the laws of physiology: in contrast to women, in whom the number of eggs is formed during their development in the womb, for men, an erection depends on lifestyle, and the production of sperm is a lifelong process.

10) Alcohol worsens an erection

Only if the man is a drunken alcoholic: then inflammation develops in the vascular endothelium, which impairs the function of the vascular system. But if alcohol is used in moderation, then alcohol, having a similar formula with cholesterol, removes it from the body, thereby preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, which worsen the condition of the vessels. Measure – this is daily: up to 150 ml of dry wine or up to 40 ml of strong drinks. Sugary drinks, cooking with the use of sugar – the enemies of blood vessels: sugar acidifies the body.