Causes of Women Orgasmic Dysfunction

According to statistics, only 35% of women regularly have an orgasm and are completely satisfied with the quality of their sex life. The rest of the girls have to constantly imitate the pleasure in bed or oppress themselves with thoughts of their own frigidity or inferiority. We interviewed several experts to find out what the main reasons for not having an orgasm are preventing women from enjoying sex? It turned out that most of these reasons can be either eliminated or easily overcome.

1. You are taking antidepressants that do not allow orgasm.

The beneficial effect of some antidepressants is associated with the suppression of the activity of stress hormones. But at the same time, they can reduce the production of sex hormones (estrogens), leading to a weak orgasm or even complete absence. If you have no explanation for why you are not satisfied, consult your doctor about the use of antidepressants.

2. Sex in the same position.

The book Kama Sutra was specially created for those people who do not know how to have sex. In fact, using the classic missionary position in sex is not the only way to get pleasure. To change this situation, experts recommend trying different positions. At a certain point, you yourself will understand in which position the sensations are the strongest. You can also use hands and various sex toys in love games. This will appeal not only to you, but also to your partner.

3. Short Prelude.

Female and male bodies have different rates of sexual arousal. A man needs 2-3 minutes to break the process, but for women foreplay is very important. Ordinary kisses or hugs are not enough to wound up the female body! If you feel that the vagina is still dry, ask your partner to take the time and try to tell him your own erogenous zones so that he stimulates them. Remember that the duration of sexual intercourse is only 3-5 minutes, so it is very important to stretch the pleasure as long as possible.

4. Fear and tension make it difficult to enjoy.

Many women are afraid of sex or do not feel comfortable. This is especially evident at the first contact with a man. In addition, more than 67% of women admit that during intercourse they often have extraneous thoughts and the risk of unplanned pregnancy, the likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, and so on. All this prevents your orgasm and satisfaction, so it is extremely important to learn to concentrate on your partner and enjoy it.

5. Excessive desire to get an orgasm.

Anxiety about not having an orgasm during sex can harm you. While waiting for the desired climax, a woman very often cannot fully relax and enjoy the process itself. It is not surprising that the time of intercourse itself passes unnoticed and once again you are left without pleasure.

By eliminating these factors, you can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving an orgasm already this night. Good luck!